Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Who would have thought - 38 day after surgery

Who would have thought after my last post back in July that I would have been undergoing major surgery any time soon. It's amazing the things that happens to us in this life.

Today is exactly 38 days since I did and the pain is now finally starting to fade. I'm still on sick leave but will be back out to work soon.

The little television in my hospital room.

Things I didn't know before this life-changing event

That there is something called gas pain.
That sitting would hurt more than standing.
That one day I would feel every bump in the road.
That laughing would cause me pain.
That I would hold a sneeze (too painful not to).
That I would not want a kid (five years old) in my bedroom - scared he would throw his toys on my stomach, or jump on the bed.
That I would not want to go to the Mall.
That I would stop drinking sodas, coffee.
That I would drink more than two glasses of water a day.
That the special someone in my life is heaven-sent.
That I would not be able to pick something up off the floor.
That I could sleep in another position, other than on my side.

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