Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

Today the year 2005 comes to an end and as the sun sets we will be preparing to usher in the New Year, with all its hopes and challenges.

I've written my resolutions and I really intend to keep them this year as I need an overhaul both physically and mentally. I want 2006 to be different.

From past experience keeping resolutions can be hard but I need to keep in the forefront of my mind that achievement comes only from sacrifice. So 2006 is the no bull shit year. The year will be dedicated to developing self discipline. The year in which I do the things that I need to do whether I want to do them or not.

Here is my list:

Lose weight - 155 lbs would be excellent. In 2005 I reached an unbelievable 172 pounds... gained from being away from home and not going to the gym.

Get back to my books - started a training program and have only done one Test. Get the dalm thing completed by June 2006.

Update my computer skills - Read my Windows XP in its entirety... remember how I read MS Front Page from cover to cover about five years ago? Get to the dentist - have not been for almost two years and that is totally unacceptable.

Go back to Toastmasters Club - still hate speaking public speaking and that has got to be fixed. I know there is a lot more I want to achieve in the New Year but with health and strength I am going to go out there and kick some butt!

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too.

Anonymous said...

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